Bootstrap and Markdown guide

This document will help the community to mainstream Naemon users guide to make it easy to follow with a common look and feel for the best user experience possible.

Bootstrap and Markdown syntax

Our website including the documentation are built upon Bootstrap and Markdown syntax at Github.

Markdown and html

It’s possible to use both Markdown and html when writing code.

For more information how to use Github’s version of Markdown, see this web site:

Warning: It's not possible to use Markdown inside a html block. Don't forget that <table>...</table> are inside a html block as well
Example - Invalid use of Markdown
<p>This is **bold** text</p>

This is **bold** text

Example - Valid use of Markdown
This is **bold** text

This is bold text

Bootstrap CSS

Make full use of Bootstrap infrastructure, see Bootstrap web page for more info:

Bootstrap layouts

Each Bootstrap webpage starts with a header with the layout definition. There are two different layouts available for documentation:

  • doc - doc layout is a one column page without table of content
  • doctoc - doctoc layout are the same as doc but with a table of content to the right. The TOC are automatically generated using headers
Example header
layout: doctoc
title: Example header page

Images and glyphs

Bootstrap offers support for Glyphicon Halflings set. It’s easy to include glyphs in text, just add the icon class and the individual icon class. See example below

This is a thumb up <span class="glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-up"></span>

This is a thumb up

For more glyphs see