Usersguide guidelines

This document will help the community to mainstream Naemon usersguide to make it easy to follow with a common look and feel for the best user experience possible.


  • Naemon - The preferred name for Naemon Suite
  • Naemon Suite - The entire suite, both the Naemon Core and Thruk Monitoring Webinterface
  • Naemon Core - The monitoring engine
  • Thruk - Monitoring Webinterface used by Naemon (also compatible with Icinga, Shinken and Nagios)


Code snippets

Use <pre>...</pre> or ```...``` for all code snippets in the documentation

mkdir download
cd download
mkdir download
cd download
 The language is optional. Common languages are 'bash', 'c' or 'perl'.


Alerts are used in the text to highlight something specific. It could be success, informational, warning or danger. See code snippets below

Success or Hints

Tip: Some useful hint.
{{ site.hint }}Some useful hint.{{ site.end }}


 Informational Alert
{{ }}Informational Alert{{ site.end }}


Warning: It's not possible to use Markdown inside a html block. Don't forget that <table>...</table> are inside a html block as well
{{ site.warn }}It's not possible to use Markdown inside a html block...{{ site.end }}



You can use the Liquid filter markdownify to use markdown syntax inside html blocks.

{{ site.note }}{{ "You can use the Liquid filter `markdownify` ..." | markdownify }}...{{ site.end }}


Danger: Make a backup before you upgrade
{{ site.danger }}Make a backup before you upgrade{{ site.end }}