Core Development

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Build Naemon From Scratch

Build Git Development Version

Developers, Testers and early adopters may want to build their own packages, so here is how:

We use CentOS 6 in our example. For Debian based system, replace ‘make rpm’ with ‘make deb’ and install the dependencies according to your system.

First install some basic dependencies:

%> sudo yum install git perl perl-Module-Install automake gperf gcc-c++ \
     autoconf libtool gd-devel expat-devel mysql-devel rpm-build \
     wget httpd tar logrotate help2man libicu-devel

Then clone our repository in any folder you like:

%> git clone --recursive

Update all git submodules:

%> cd naemon/
%> make update

Finally build your rpm package:

%> ./configure --without-compress
%> make rpm