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There are a lot of “addon” software packages that are available for Naemon. Addons can be used to extend Naemons functionality or integrate Naemon with other applications.

Addons are available for:

  • Managing the config files through a web interface
  • Monitoring remote hosts (*NIX, Windows, etc.)
  • Submitting passive checks from remote hosts
  • Simplifying/extending the notification logic
  • …and much more

You can find many addons for Naemon by visiting:

I’ll give a brief introduction to a few of the addons for Naemon…


Thruk is the default GUI for Naemon and has its own documentation. It uses the Livestatus API to retrieve the content.


Livestatus is one of the standard APIs in Naemon. A detailed description is available on a dedicated page.



NRPE is an addon that allows you to execute plugins on remote Linux/Unix hosts. This is useful if you need to monitor local resources/attributes like disk usage, CPU load, memory usage, etc. on a remote host. Similar functionality can be accomplished by using the check_by_ssh plugin, although it can impose a higher CPU load on the monitoring machine - especially if you are monitoring hundreds or thousands of hosts.

The NRPE addon and documentation can be found at



NSCA is an addon that allows you to send passive check results from remote Linux/Unix hosts to the Naemon running on the monitoring server.

The NSCA addon can be found at


Warning:  NDOUtils are only compatible up to Naemon version 1.0.3. For a drop in replacement use Statusengine 2.


NDOUtils is an addon that allows you to store all status information from Naemon in a MySQL database. Multiple instances of Naemon can all store their information in a central database for centralized reporting.

The NDOUtils addon and documentation can be found at

Statusengine 2

Statusengine 2 is a drop in replacemen for NDOUtils.

It is build on a worker concept to scale with a growing workload. Statusenigne will save all events to a MySQL database, can export performance data to RRDtool (compatible to PNP) and Graphite and also comes with a responsive web frontend.

Details can be found on

Statusengine 3

Statusengine 3 provide an easy way to scale Naemon monitoring across multiple nodes.

It is based on a worker concept and use a in memory queue to prevent Naemon core to crash or slow down, even if the database backend is gone.

Statusengine 3 can save status records to MySQL, CrateDB or Redis. Performance data can be exported to Graphite, Elasticsearch, MySQL or CrateDB.

Statusengine UI is an responsive web frontend build on top of a JSON API.

Details can be found on


pnp4nagios example with Naemon

PNP is a graphing addon. For installation step by step help see Addon PNP4Nagios Quickstart

Author website can be found here:


Merlin is a addon for distributed monitoring. Details can be found in Merlin repository.


Mod-Gearman is a addon for distributed monitoring. Details can be found on


OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) is not really an addon, but it comes bundled with Naemon. OMD is a single linux package (rpm/deb) which installs Naemon with a couple of common addons. Naemon is currently bundled in the OMD-NC version, which is available via the Testing Consol* Labs Repository.


There are lots of addons for Nagios and Naemon. Most Nagios addons should be 1:1 compatible with Naemon. You might have to adjust some paths and users, but as both share a lot of code, most addons and plugins should just work.