Release 1.3.0

03 Nov 2021 | permalink

Today we released the version 1.3.0 of naemon-core and naemon-livestatus. There is a new vault broker api along with more secure environment handling.

Having environment variables in your command line in the form of:

VARIABLE=value… $USER1$/check_something args…

Then the environment variable is removed from the command line and set before the check command is started. Previously the hole command would have been passed to the shell and the variables would be visible in the ps process list.

The vault broker api adds some extensions to the NEB api to move macro handling to neb modules. This makes it possible to fill macro values dynamically from broker modules. There is an example which uses a vim encrypted resource.cfg like vault at But usage is not limited to encrypted macros, this is just an example of how this new api can be used. See an example in the Vault API documentation.

The Livestatus module got 2 bugfixes regarding an issue which prevented naemon reloads when using the tcp listener and another issue where contacts would be listed multiple times.

Head on to the download section or check out the changelog for a detailed list of changes.